Famous people about Ars Nova Jazz concert order

Илья Резник

Ilya Reznik

“Contrabass.Vokal.And piano.
Nostalgic trio -
Days of past euphoria.

I'm cute minor your cosiness -
Attractive soul. Tart Jazz.
And your music shelter
More than once I will remember in the lunar hour.”

Игорь Бутман

Igor Butman

“The magnificent Trio, which conquered and conquered the best concert halls of the World, creates an amazing atmosphere...”

Алексей Кудрин

Alexey Kudrin

“I often admire the skill of the trio! This music creates a special atmosphere of St. Petersburg. I want to come back!”

Людмила Нарусова

Lyudmila Narusova

“A wonderful trio that creates a wonderful atmosphere and inspires harmony in the soul. Thank you!”

Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani

“Peter, Vladimir, Julia! I admire you!”