History of the ensemble

Ars Nova Jazz concert order

Peter Kornev and the ensemble ArsNovaJazz

Pyotr Kornev is a jazz pianist and composer who has played an appreciable role for over thirty years in the St. Petersburg jazz scene. Since 1969, he has been a regular participant of the ensemble of David Goloshchekin, with whom he recorded twelve discs, and since 1973 - actively participates in performances at jazz festivals of the country and abroad (Germany, Finland), repeatedly becoming a laureate of various Russian festivals, writing his own music - jazz compositions, music for documentary films and theater productions.

As a jazz pianist, Peter Kornev works not only in the ensemble of David Goloshchekin, but also heads the ensemble "ArsNovaJazz" created by him in 1986, performing original author's cycles "Gallery of Coryphaeus of Jazz", "Musical Offering", "Favorites" "Jazz and Painting", "Portraits of Friends", "Meditations at the Bronze Horseman".

Currently, Peter Kornev constantly performs on the stage of the Jazz Philharmonic Hall (the ensemble of David Goloshchekin, "Ars-Nova", the Philharmonic Society of Jazz Music, "Mambo-Combo") and in the jazz clubs of St. Petersburg. Also in the active of the musician are concert performances with stars of American and European jazz: Benny Golson, Dusko Gojkovic, Valery Ponomarev, Harald Ryushenbaum, Tim Stronom, Aneta Bons, Stephen Lee Douglas.

For the last twenty years, Peter Kornev has been teaching in the class of jazz pianos - at the music school, the college of arts, the St. Petersburg University of Culture and Arts. The students prepared by him repeatedly became laureates of jazz competitions of young performers "Autumn Marathon" and later successfully performed on the stages of jazz clubs and festivals. In addition, Peter Kornev fosters the establishment and strengthening of cultural ties between the St. Petersburg University of Culture and Arts (the Variety Art Department) and the Bavarian Music Academy (Marktoberdorf), whose main tasks are the exchange of methods and music literature, the conduct of international master classes , joint performances of student musical groups, as well as recordings of German-Russian orchestras.